Pastor Angela Munnings


Inner Wheel Ministries


On January 25th 1950. In the quaint Settlement of Port Howe; situated in the aluminous Cat Island Bahamas, the earth rejoiced as the world welcomed a beautiful baby girl, she was born to Elizabeth Hunter and Reuben Dorsett, (now deceased). 

Upon her arrival, it was immediately decided to name this precious gift Angela.  (Heavenly Messenger) she would be one who would willingly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through-out the earth. The fifth of seven children affectionately called Angie by her siblings, (Dorothy Anderson- Gilbert, Samuel Hunter, Carolyn Major, Janet Moss and Stephen Adderley). 

As fate would have it, life was about to take a turn for this shy, introverted warm loving young girl, whose grandmother, Eturpie “Nicey” Pratt. Had shaped and molded her in the things of God since her birth; with daily, prayer and devotions unto God.

At the tender age  of seven; While attending Sewing Classes under the guidance of The late,  Mother Ethel Hunter , world known Missionary and Prophetess - who had proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ since the tender age of eight.   This woman of God then took this opportunity to pray and speak over the life of Angela, telling her that “you would preach the gospel just like me”.

Much like Samuel when he went to Jessie’s house, mother Ethel spoke over the young child about the plans which God had prepared for her life.

One year later, the family relocated to, Nassau  New Providence, in  the Bahamas; where Angela was enrolled and completed her formal education at ; Southern Junior and Senior School, Eastern Senior School , Claridge Secondary and Warrens Commercial School.

Angela’s mentor in the gospel of Jesus Christ her beloved grandmother, passed from earth to glory; while still at a tender age of ten, but:  Angela never forgot the foundation of her upbringing in the word and knowledge of God.  This led the budding young woman to seek the true knowledge of Christ. Even in hard trials.

After visiting and attending various Churches in Nassau, The Bahamas, until fully dedicating her life to Jesus Christ, Angela became a full fledge member of the ST. John Particular Church of Native Baptist under the Pastoral leadership of Reverend DR. O.A. Pratt and Mother Catherine Pratt.

Angela became active in the work of her church, seeking desperately to fulfill the call of God on her life; Angela enrolled in the Bessie Serrette Bible Study class, and received her first certificate in Bible knowledge.  Shortly thereafter Angela began teaching Sunday school, as the gifts of the Holy Spirit began to manifest in her life through the power of intercessory prayer.

 Angela served as mentor for the youth at ST John’s; a member of the Women’s Fellowship and Mission Circle.   Guided by the Holy Spirit; Evangelist Munnings began the midnight prayer intercessory meetings at the Church.

Well loved by her then Pastor, who encouraged and supported her work in ministry. Angela was given the opportunity to proclaim the word of God at her home church, and began travelling the Family of Islands in the Bahamas proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On Sunday afternoons her home was the meeting place for many youths; who would sit and chat, sharing their stories. On Saturday mornings, Angela would lead these young lives to the beach at 4:00am, where they would pray till sunrise. (This they called the wilderness).

 Angela was able to share her vision for ministry with her mother, the (late)- Elizabeth Hunter, before her demise on October 31st 1990.  Mamma as she was affectionately called, quoted from the bible Ecclesiastes 12:  13 & 14. ” Whatever God tells you to do you do it”.

In May of 1992, Angela was ordained an Evangelist by her then Pastor; Reverend Dr. O. A. Pratt. 

Evangelist Angela Munnings served her communities doing whatever she could in the Masters service.

While residing in the Bahamas, Evangelist Munnings was employed at; Colonial Insurance Company, Towne Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel and Atlantis Resort and Casino.

A Woman of Substance 

On April 28th, 1979. Angela married her friend Oral Munnings, together they parented five beautiful children. Gaylene, Nicole, Feron, Nadera and Shakera.  God added a son – in- law Shawn Mitchell Knowles Sr.

Blessed to be a grandmother. In December of 1998; Angela glowed with joy at the birth of her first grandchild Shawn Mitchell Knowles JR, and said Hi to Christopher, Elijah, Hannah, Caznique and Elizabeth. All Grammies Pride and Joy.

In September of 1999, Angela relocated to the United States of America in support of her Husband. In      pursuit of higher education, Angela immediately enrolled at Florida Metropolitan University. Where she obtained an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration with a Minor in Sociology, which led to employment in the Justice System, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, APD and Intellectually Challenged Individuals.

Counting all these things as dung in order to win Christ. Angela worshipped at Faith World Ministries in Orlando under the Pastoral Leadership of Clint Brown Senior Pastor. Serving as Intercessor for TV ministry. Hearing the voice of God speaking clearly, “Angela Arise to Obey.”